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Coton de Tulear Code of Ethics Breeders with North American Coton Association and Canadian Coton de Tulear Club

Code of Excellence

The Coton de Tulear Breeders of Excellence are advocates of responsible and judicious breeding practices. Our common goal is to insure the health, longevity, physical and mental soundness of the Coton de Tulear as follows:

bullet Commit to breed only Coton de Tulear who exhibit the best characteristics of the breed to insure proper conformation, health and temperament.

bullet Health test our breeding stock prior to their first breeding.

bulletRear all puppies with attentive, loving and gentle care, stimulation, socialization, and age-appropriate training.

bulletPlace puppies with new owners after a minimum age of 8 weeks old, while keeping in mind the Socialization Period is 5 to 16 weeks and the Environmental Awareness Period is 9 to 12 weeks. Each puppy's individual physical and social maturation determines optimal timing for placement in their new home.

bullet Provide a comprehensive Veterinarian's examination, first set of vaccinations, and health exam results for each puppy, prior to leaving for a new owner's home.

bullet Verify, to the best of our ability, that purchasers of our puppies will be responsible owners who will provide a loving environment and proper health care.

bullet Provide our buyers with detailed information and instructions regarding feeding, training, health care and vaccination protocols.

bullet Provide ongoing education and support for the lifetime of the puppies we produce.

bullet Place or sell every Coton de Tulear with a written contract.

bullet Breed to the world accepted FCI, Fédération Cynologique Internationale, Standard of the breed.

bullet Actively support UCARE Coton de Tulear Rescue.

bullet Protect the private and personal contact information of our puppy clients..


Breeders of Excellence

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Breeders of Excellence

Code of Ethics

Breeders of Excellence


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